1 April 2014

So I've grounded Mum and my Sister....

We're not a rebellious kind of family.
Between us, there was hardly any trouble at school (aside from my talking too much and Emily being slack with homework). We were never in trouble with the police (we are good kids). We rarely missed a curfew (that I can remember). Barely even a detention or a grounding between us (or one that wasn't apologised and made amends for pretty sharpish).

We've always stuck to the rules.
Mum and Dad have always been pretty firm but fair, and so we've never really felt the need to push any boundaries or take anything for granted. To this day, my brother, sister and I are always conscious of what our parents think and so they are always our first port of call for advice, guidance and reassurance.

My Mum- The Rebellion

If there is anyone who is slightly naughty in my family, it's my Mother.

When she turned 40 she got her cleavage pieced. Yes you read right, her cleavage pierced. The area between the boobs, my mother had pieced. I have no clue as to where she got this genius idea from, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't from the cake-baking-fete-loving-Avon-selling-mums at the school that's for sure. However, this little stunt made me very popular with some of the boys at school for a while, all keen to hang out round mine just to get a glimpse of Mum's bling-bling boobs. I thought I'd let this one slide... she was obviously having trouble with this new milestone in her life, plus as a teenager if your parent ever does anything crazy, it always gives you leverage when it comes to getting something you want in the future....Not that I saw myself screaming "but Mum got her boobs pierced so why can't I?!" as I slammed by bedroom door anytime soon.

But then she turned 50 and, whilst on holiday with her three sisters, Mum arrives home with not one, but TWO tattoos. I think this is the point where Mother & Daughter first switched roles. I was mortified. My mother came back from the Canary Islands with a three inch Snoopy on her shoulder and if that wasn't crazy enough, she got a heart tattooed on her boob for good measure. Brilliant. You might be having visions of a hairy-biker-leather-clad-knee-boot-wearing-rocking-mumma right now, but I can assure you she's far from it. Her twenties were simply consumed with bringing up three babies and now that they can all fend for themselves, she's unleashed a little daring side to her that none of us knew existed.

I dread to think what she'll do when she turns 60. Oh dear...I have visions of her being torn between a vajazzle or a piercing on her bum...is that even possible? I don't want to give her ideas. But with this milestone is a few years off, I was taken completely off guard by her latest stunt... this time with a new sidekick - my little sister Emily. It would appear that Mum's mischievous streak seems to have rubbed off on my sister and so I've grounded the pair of them until further notice.

Don't tell me you've got a tattoo...

I knew instantly that they had done something I wouldn't approve of after receiving a suspicious phone call at the weekend, asking me to come over as there was something they wanted to "talk to me about." Cue one eyebrow arched and hands on hips, prepared to give them both a good telling off...! Don't tell me you've got a tattoo, I asked. To which they revealed the most indiscreet tattoos etched on their bodies...

Mother-Daughter matching tattoos...they couldn't just get the same necklace...oh no...
Needless to say, I wasn't looking on the 'bright side of life' as I stormed off in search of Dad to demand why he'd let them go and do this to their bodies, only to be told that, "Er Kate, your mums 54 and Emily's 22, they can do what they like..." That's not the point. But I'm not entirely sure why it bothers me so much. It's not as if their choice of tattoo is without thought or meaning. The lyrics are from my Grandad's favourite song and he sadly passed away in 2010. But there's just something about the act of a tattoo that is so permanent and perhaps rebellious that gets to me. Perhaps I'm being a little over-dramatic about the whole thing.  I also don't mind what everyone else does to their bodies, but why does it bother me so much when my family make such drastic alterations? Everyone has their opinion on tattoos and piercings and it's not that I don't like them, it's just that I don't get it. I don't get why someone would want to permanently ink their skin.

Maybe I missed the boat on this issue. I should have got 'I heart Kermit' etched on my butt when I was 21, then I might have a different outlook on it all together? Or am I simply envious that I don't have the balls to do something so daring and cool? Who am I kidding, it's taken me 15 years to slightly change my hair colour, I'm not going to start inflicting unnecessary pain on myself leaving me with something I'll in no doubt dislike the following week. But what I don't want is to one day become one of those controlling parents where my kids sneak out and do things behind my back. I want to be open to new things, level headed and approachable, just like my parents are, so methinks I need to look at the bigger picture. We can't all be the same, but we can support each other for who we are and the choices we make. 

But they are still grounded...for now anyway.

What are your thoughts on tattoos and piercings?

Until next time,

With Love & Role Reversals,

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