Halloween Spooktacular…Enter If You Dare!

With half term and Halloween just around the corner I thought it the perfect excuse to browse some of the best decor, costumes and ideas during this spooktacular season!

Happy Halloween!

Over here in the UK, people are sometimes a little skeptical about Halloween. I think it might have something to do with the idea of celebrating the dead not sounding like a jolly holiday. But I love it! It’s a perfect excuse to have parties, wear costumes, carve pumpkins and decorate your home… oh, and not forgetting the excuse to eat lots of sweets! 

Miss Enchanting’s Guide To: A Hauntingly  Halloween Home

1. Healthy Halloween Treats

Hocus Pocus: Healthy Halloween Treats

The Halloween season not only means scary costumes and creepy decor, it also means an overload in yucky sweets and candy  that are only destined to rot your teeth! So if you are looking for a healthy (and tastier in my opinion) alternative treat this season, then check out these Healthy Halloween Treats posted by none other than my idol, Lauren Conrad. (Her website is AMAZING…it’s like my bible.)
Healthy and funny…you can’t go wrong!

2. Perfect Pumpkin Candles

Homemade Halloween Candle

These Homemade Halloween Candles are brilliant! Made with love by my friend Helen over at Homemade Candles By Helen, the jar is hand painted  and filled with a lovely vanilla scent. Each candle will burn for 25-40 hours and cost just £6.50 each (plus postage and packaging). An alternative idea to spending hours (and plasters!) carving pumpkins, this candle will do just the Trick and without all the mess!

3. Deadly Decor

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween by katie-albury featuring halloween home decor

Home decor, £10.00 / Halloween home decor, £10.00 / Pack Of 72 Skull Cake Cases, £1.50 / Le Creuset Petite Pumpkin Casserole, Volcanic Orange, £20.00 / Tesco Party, £16.00 / Foiled Chocolate Pumpkins and Bat Pick, 200g, £5.00 / Tesco Party, £4.99 / Skull And Crossbones Garland, £1.95 / Set Of 6 Halloween Ghost T Lights, £1.00

To create a Scaretastic setting to you home this Halloween, check out some of these fun and spooky decor items that will have those trick or treater’s quaking in their boots as they reach for that doorbell!

4. Ghoulish Games

Err…Hello? I’m a Coeliac…I can’t put my face into a pile of flour! 

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without a few ghoulish games thrown into the mix. Who doesn’t want their face soaked from bobbing apples or caked in flour trying to find a coin?! Last Halloween (I dressed as a Bad Fairy in case your’re wondering!) I had Coeliac Disease on my side for once in my life and so I didn’t have to attempt to bite the buried coin from the devil that is flour! Lucky me. You can find more fab and unique ideas for Halloween games over at Martha Stewart that will add a few laughs to your party. 

5. Wear it…if you dare!

Halloween: Wear If You Dare...!

Halloween: Wear If You Dare…! by katie-albury featuring grey tops

Long sleeve crew neck sweater, £23.00 / Grey top  £12.99 / Topshop patterned socks £3.72/ Scarecrow Fancy Dress Costume Men George at Asda, £25.00 / Ladies Gingham Dress Costume Women George at Asda, £16.00 / ‘Mummy Loves Me’ All-in-One Baby George at Asda, £6.00 / Girls George at Asda, £10.00 / Young Boys Hero Skeleton Fancy Dress Boys George at Asda, £7.00 / Black Glow Let’s Hang Bat Halloween Sweater, £18.00

It’s not just the home that gets a Treat this Halloween. Here are just a sample of some the fab costumes and clothes out this Halloween. I love the Dead Dorothy costume, I might just have to talk the Hubster into the Dead Scarecrow outfit to match me!
For anyone lucky enough to have tickets to the next feature with Future Cinema, the Ghostbusters t-shirt is a must! 

Happy Halloween Shopping Peeps! 

With Love & Bad Fairy Dust, 

Katie x 

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