Where to spend Christmas…the new family dilemma?

We’ve been married for seven months already and we didn’t even realise. The wedding consumed our lives and most conversations for a solid ten months and then as soon as the whirlwind had passed life just continued as normal. Just a little more perfect.

What’s changed?

Everything and yet nothing. It’s brilliant.

Although the other day I made my first wife boo boo by getting our wedding date wrong- already! It was an honest slip up and an error that, I am unbelievably gutted, I made before he did…! But time has gone so quickly and before we knew it we were having to make our first big “married couple decision”…where to spend our first Christmas as Hubster & Wifster?

Introducing…The Christmas Family Dilemma.

In the nine years we have been a couple we have never spent a Christmas together.

Most people are really surprised when they hear that we spend every other day of the year together except at Christmas. Why? I hear you ask. The answer is simple. We both love our own family Christmas traditions so much that we wanted to spend that time with our own families. Everyone was happy. 

It may sound selfish, but I always wanted to be at home for Christmas with Mum, Dad, my brother and sister and of course Miss Molly Moo. Similarly he wanted to spend it with his family. For two or three days of the year we were able to keep up our childhood Christmas traditions without upsetting anyone. My Christmas Day morning memories are so high up on my precious list of traditions that I never wanted them to end and it’s having to make decisions like this that make me frightfully aware that life is changing, I am growing older and there are some things you can’t keep hold of forever. But it’s time to start acting like a grown up…oh pants. 

So you decide to spend Christmas together. Do you take the plunge and host a family Christmas? Ermmm…I don’t think I’m quite ready for that responsibility yet. Especially when I can’t even be trusted with the carrots (explained here) let alone the whole feast. So the only realistic option left is…whose family do you spend it with? But not only that- which family gets to spend this year with you and who gets next? Here’s the dilemma. Someone is always bound to end up a bit miffed…and it’s not only your Christmas that changes. Without me at Christmas the day changes for my parents and my siblings- everyone’s Christmas will be different. That’s not to say it wont be a good one, it will just be different.

Love our 1st Christmas candle…and it smells gorgeous too! 

We are almost in this limbo period of our lives where traditions are changing as our families are growing and merging and at some point, usually when your own children arrive, do you start to make new traditions…ones that in a few decades time they themselves will be deliberating with the exact same dilemma- where to spend Christmas. Not to panic all you parents out there- but do you dread the day when your children announce that they will be spending Christmas with their in-laws and not you…it’s a sad thought.  

Our 1st Christmas 2013…
Candles can be found at Homemade Candles by Helen

So we have tossed a coin, weighed up the pros and the cons and debated the bigger picture and have finally decided on where we are spending our first Christmas as Hubster & Wifster. We will be spending Christmas day (hopefully not dropping anything) at the Birch’s and then Boxing Day (again trying not to break anything here either) at the Albury’s. Done. Our first big decision made and we are very excited. So now that’s sorted all that’s left to do is….the Christmas clean, (you’ll be hearing about this!) decorations, shopping, wrapping, cards, detox, (oh yes…you’ll be hearing about this too!) parties, more shopping, gatherings, a bit more shopping, a trip to Father Christmas, drinking, eating, sleeping, watching Christmas films, last minute shopping…and breathe! Christmas will be here before we know it! Yippee!

This was Miss Molly Moo last Christmas…
She’s rocking my sister’s Christmas slippers, she obviously loved them!

Has anyone else had to experience the Christmas Tradition Dilemma? Does anyone have traditions that they dread breaking or changing? 

Until next time,

With Love & Christmas Dilemmas 

Katie x

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Much Love x

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